Serenading the stones

A chance meeting at the circle at Castlerigg today…

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Sneaky Peek – Victoria and David’s wedding – 8th October 2011

Yesterday, I had the honour of covering Victoria and David’s lovely wedding. I met David in a pitch black Killingworth car park in the dark of February this year, while out with a light-painting photographer. It turned out that David needed a photographer, and I was free on the day, so I went round to visit and met his lovely fiance, Victoria. One thing led to another, and yesterday was the big day.

The weather wasn’t perfect, but we dodged the drizzle (mostly) and managed to get shots outside as well as in. It was the first time that I’ve seen a horse and carriage at a wedding, and I can’t wait to get to work on those shots. For now however, a quick shot outside the reception while the light was still present.

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Kaye and Alan’s wedding – 7th August, 2011

Kaye and Alan’s wedding – what to say? Well, it was fabulous, that’s the first thing. Secondly, I owe Kaye and Alan a big thank you. A year and a while ago, they asked me if I’d shoot their wedding, and I made the jump into a remarkable part of the photographic world. Since then, I’ve shot other weddings, invested in new gear, practised and generally tried to ensure that when their big day came, I’d be ready and do a great job for them.

We started off at Kaye and Alan’s house, with some shots of Kaye and her bridesmaids getting ready. It was amazing to see how much energy and excitement could fit into a normal-sized house.

Then off to the lovely St. Charles RC Church in Gosforth for the ceremony. To say the inside is impressive is something of an understatement, and made the couple’s marriage vows feel all the more special.

The reception was held at the luxurious Linden Hall, a great venue with fantastic staff and some outstanding locations. The rain held up for just long enough to dash out and get some photos in the grounds.

Then the wedding breakfast and speeches – a grand effort by the Father of the Bride, the Groom and the Best Man, a good few laughs and some heart-warming sentiments.

The evening reception was held in the Bigge Room (I’d got confused, and thought it must be pretty gigantic if they simply called it the Big Room – saying which, it was quite large) and a vast table of sweets made an appearance – I didn’t think they still made some of the sweets on display.

The lovely couple’s first dance, and the evening’s celebration got underway.

Many thanks go to the Priest at St Charles, who showed me the ‘good spot’ to shoot from during the ceremony – he was right, though I’d say it was ‘magnificent’, rather than just ‘good’. Also to Allan Bews, who stepped up to the plate as second shooter and did a fabulous job – he jumped in pretty much last minute, and did me proud.

Best wishes to Kaye and Alan too – as lovely a couple as I’ve had the pleasure of shooting, I wish them every happiness for the future.

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Artcadia – what’s not to love?

I have to admit, I’ve always been a sucker for some nice stationery. I can’t say why, but there’s something about a lovely piece of printing that catches me out.

When I first heard about Artcadia, I checked out their website and saw they made fabulous letter-pressed stationery – a process whereby the metal imprint pushes into the thick card and makes a remarkable tactile surface. Their wedding stationery collection is quite something to see – very elegant and lovely.

On checking, and knowing that I needed some business cards printed, their site said they were “coming soon”, but a quick e-mail to Vici-Jane at Artcadia and I found out they were keen to get going with the service. A couple of ideas and a few proofs later, and we had a design, simple and quite retro.

The cards arrived today – a turnaround of less than ten days, and I’m completely bowled over. The cards look, and feel, even better in the flesh, and I can’t wait to get them circulating…..

Artcadia can be contacted at this link, and have been wonderful through and through.

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Peaky sneaks – Kaye & Alan’s wedding, 7th August, 2011

I’m hugely excited – on Sunday it’s finally Kaye & Alan’s wedding, the couple whose big day got me started in wedding photography. Just over a year ago, Alan’s sister, Clare, showed them my photos, and they asked if I’d like to shoot their wedding. A grand risk, as I’d never shot one before then, and other than a pile of self-portaits, I didn’t have many photos of people around.

Since then, I’ve second shot three weddings, got some more booked and I’m thinking about how I can fit more weddings into 2012. All down to their initial interest. So, big thanks to Kaye & Alan.

I popped ’round tonight, to go over the final details for Sunday, and took a few shots of the flowers that had just arrived. They looked lovely, and I’m sure they’ll feature large in the photos on the day.

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Newbiggin-by-the-Sea Maritime Centre

My first print in an exhibition – the Newbiggin-by-the-Sea Maritime Centre opened on the 21st July. The “Ramble With Amble” group were lucky enough to pick up the inaugural exhibition in the cafe, with a good selection of prints from the nearby coast.

My infrared shot of Dunstanburgh Castle can be seen on the “Prints and exhibitons” link at the top of the page or here.

The group’s page is here.

The Maritime Centre’s page is here.

It’s a cracking building, and well worth a trip if you’re looking for something to do at the coast. It’s right on the beach, and there’s often an ice-cream van in the car park!

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Denni and Fakhu’s wedding – 8th July, 2011

Denni and Fakhu were married on the 8th July at the fabulous Savoy Park Hotel in Ayr. The weather held, the day was happy and they were a great couple to work with.

Fakhu is from Argentina, and his family had travelled over for the wedding. It was interesting trying to organise people whose first language isn’t the same as mine, but through a bit of mime and a bit of help from one of the family it all worked out.

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