Victoria & David’s Wedding – 8th October, 2011

Since I met David, I knew his wedding would be something special. As I’ve mentioned before, I met him in the dead of night in a carpark while I was out light painting. He was instantly fantastic, seeming unfazed by the possibility of booking a wedding photographer on the strength of such an odd beginning.

I went to visit David, and his finace Victoria, and she was equally lovely, and they were such a great couple, really happy and full of excitement. Also, they are both clearly keen on photos, their house has shots of them, their children and family on many of the walls.

There was always a feeling that this was going to be fun. I can’t explain why, but I’d always known it would be a day to remember.

And it was. Quite simply a fabulous day, they were both spectacular, the children were full of beans, and the guests were ready to help them celebrate. It’s the first wedding I’ve been to with a hokey-cokey, but I’d encourage anyone getting married to think about it – it looked like top notch fun.

Before I go on too much, here are a few shots from the day…


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5 Responses to Victoria & David’s Wedding – 8th October, 2011

  1. Ric Latham says:

    Lovely work ! Great horse and carriage, looks like they had a fantastic wedding and I’m sure they’ll love the photo’s !

  2. Trevor King says:

    The chimney sweep paige boy is unique. I hope he was paid well for the day 🙂

  3. Joseph says:

    Looked like a really lively wedding David.
    Great coverage! Congratulations to Victoria and David.

  4. we had such an amazing day and were both so happy tht david met u on the off chance in the car park. we are so proud of our pictures as now tht all we have of the day, it went by so fast but now we have fantasic pictures to look back at and remember the little things tht u forget. a huge huge thank u! cant wait to see u again after the new yr for some family pics x x

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