Jackie & Nigel’s wedding – 24th June, 2011

I was lucky enough to be asked to second shoot Jackie and Nigel’s wedding on the 24th June. Shooting with Chris Thomson is always a good day out – he always seems to be effortlessly in control of the situation, and nothing seems to phase him.

First off was a trip out to the house to catch some of the preparations.

The ceremony was held at Tullie House, in Carlisle, a lovely old building with a great garden.

A quick nip out for some photos….

At the Castle.

Then off to Bitts Parks.

Before heading off the to Crown & Mitre in Carlisile for the reception.

It was a great, happy day, and the weather held, despite some ominous clouds. The locations were great, Jackie and Nigel were lovely, and the guests were superb.

I’m just starting to get my bearings around Carlisle, mainly with help from Chris – following the tail light of his bike as he threads through the traffic is good fun.


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2 Responses to Jackie & Nigel’s wedding – 24th June, 2011

  1. Andy Garfitt says:

    Lovely wedding photos David. Those two little bridesmaids are very cute!

  2. Love that shot of the kids in the doorway – great lighting

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