Weddings, eh?

Kerry & Roy at Auchen Castle

Kerry & Roy at Auchen Castle

In March, I was lucky to second shoot a wedding for Kerry & Roy at Auchen Castle near Moffat. I had a great time, and shot with Chris Thomson, who’d was the main photographer. In part, this was the culmination of trying to get relevant experience before I shoot Kaye & Alan’s wedding in August, as the last thing I want to do is let them down.

I thought I’d enjoy shooting weddings, I mean, it’s a happy day, they’re a happy couple, everything is bright and full of hope and joy. But, I really enjoyed it – at once ridiculously nerve-wracking, and at the other astoundingly energising and uplifting. So much so that my drive back at around 9pm from Carlisle to Newcastle was not the eyelid-closing-snooze-athon that I had worried it might be.

So, I’d like to do more – more weddings, some bands, more portraiture (besides self-portraits, which I gather are thought a little odd in polite society) more everything to be honest, at least in so much as it involves people. See, after years of taking photos of landscapes, clouds, views on holiday and other random things (not that I won’t still do that too), I realise that it’s capturing something that’s happening that gives me the kick. I’ve got another wedding in October, which I’m excited by, and someone at work who may want me to shoot theirs in March next year, so plenty to focus on.

Of course, having a proper adult job means that I don’t have much time for it all, and having a house that needs some mild renovation means that I don’t have much time either. But, I’m determined to plug on…


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