It all starts somewhere…

Not really dinosaurs, more a piece of wood.

Time to walk the plank...

Well, it’s true, it does all have to start somewhere. I used to have a photo blog, but when I looked back at it, most of the posts seemed to be explaining why I hadn’t posted anything for a while. Not sure that any great wisdom is going to come out of that, although I’m not convinced that starting a new blog will do that either. I mean, wisdom, eh?

I’ve been taking photos for around twenty years now, originally on a lovely Canon A-1 film camera, using mostly Ilford HP-5 black and white film, which had a lovely grain to it. At some point, I traded that in for a shiny Canon EOS 300, which was nice, but which I never got to love. Then, in around 2000, I got a Pentax EI-2000 digital camera, weighing in at a whopping 2 megapixels it was quite the thing – looked like an SLR too, and took relatively nice shots. It was the ability to see your shots on the screen pretty much immediately that caught my eye, until then it has been a case of waiting to finish a film then waiting for it to come back then (if you wanted it on a PC for any reason) waiting to scan it.

I moved back to Canon and bought an EOS 300D for the interchangable lenses, later upgrading to an EOS 450D because it added a pile of functions the 300D lacked. Now, I carry an EOS 5D MkII, lovely full-frame monster, which eats up memory cards like cereal.

I’m starting a blog to allow me ramble about photography, to keep a bit of a journal of what I’ve been up to and where I go next. With any luck, it could be vaguely interesting.


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One Response to It all starts somewhere…

  1. kevinallan says:

    I still have a Canon EOS300 (the film version) – you can get a body only for £8-15 on eBay. Mostly I team it up with a Sigma macro lens.

    Because they take EF lenses and are so cheap they could make a very good backup solution for photographers with Canon digital SLRs.

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